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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tis' the season!

Christmas season is upon us! If it was up to me it would be year around :). With the weather change and all, kids and parents have been taking turns getting sick! Half of our family were sick last week, (way to spend Thanksgiving break right?!). 

I had to go pick up my kids from class a little early yesterday because we had to head somewhere. When I entered my daughters classroom they were singing "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?" The kids took turns calling out each other's names and all, one student decided to call on their Teachers Aide, As soon as she began to sing I cringed. She had the same voice I had one week ago, something manly and undescribable....laryngitis. She tried her hardest to be cheerful and sing but I could tell she was hurting. :(  I had lost my voice for 3 days just the week before so I felt her pain. Today my daughter came home and told me that her Teachers Aide was not at school she had gone to see a doctor. She wanted to make her a get well card for her, I was able to talk to my bestie (co-owner of this blog :) ) I told her that I wished I had tea bags to make a little goodie bag with cough drops and put it in a bag. Thankfully yours truly is a hoarder and had all the above items in her pantry. I really wish I had My Pink Stampers Punnylicious stamps tonight, I would have wanted to use the stamp that says,"get whale soon" and we could have cut out a cute little whale. 

I cut out a mug from Gypsy Wanderings, I think it was pre-loaded on the Gypsy when I purchased it. I also included 2 green teas, one a decaf honey and lemon tea and a white mangosteen and peach tea with some Halls cough drops. I loved how it turned out. I also cut some extra mugs in case we need to make another bag for someone else soon. Here it is....

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