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Thanks Cherie!


Friday, November 9, 2012

Spoil yourself today...

Is the sentiment that I used on my card that I am posting for you today. I haven't been able to create anything lately, my Imagine is not working and last night I found out that I ran out of adhesive! So I thought I would share a card that I had made in a card making class. It's says "spoil yourself today". This card goes out to all of our followers, weather it be a mini-shopping trip, a quick mani/pedi, or even a trip to your favorite coffee shop, we want you to "spoil yourself today" and have a fabulous weekend!

❤Rebecca :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Treats!

Good morning! Happy belated Halloween! I wanted to post some pictures of Halloween goodie bags my son and I made the night before Halloween. I wanted to post this last night but we were all so tired from having a great time trick or treating and enjoying a fall festival that a local church put on! Here are some treats we handed out to his classmates...we gave his teachers caramel apples drizzled with white and semi-sweet chocolate! Well I'm off to make baby shower and birthday cards, have a great day!